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  • n. Plural form of drought.


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  • ESPN. com's Chad Millman asked Dave Staley from sportsbook. com to calculate odds on which team would break the title droughts for a bunch of long-suffering cities, including D.C. Sportsbook. com is actually taking action on these odds.

    Odds on D.C.'s next title team

  • I guess I knew that really, we get what they call droughts here and a flooding rain doesn't do anything to end the drought.

    PART 2: Writing my first fantasy novel....

  • Wide swaths of the world, from Australia to Texas, are in droughts that may be the beginning of permanent desertification.

    Wonk Room » Thoughts On An Easter Morning

  • The Aggies endured profound inconsistency, often slogging through lengthy shooting droughts from the field in games and never winning more than two contests in a row.

    North Carolina A&T - Team Notes

  • There are no long term US trends in droughts or wet weather, nor in global cyclonic activity, nor in US tornadoes.

    Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Climate Updates

  • Increased mortality from droughts is due to increased human and animal populations and to pastoralists clustering around boreholes and feeding stations (NGOs are partly responsible for the latter).

    Climate change is mankind’s defining crisis (Mobiot/Lomborg debate) | Serendipity

  • BTW last year the BBC were telling us that Australia was headed for terrible long term droughts and how farming would suffer as a result of long term drought, ooops!


  • "We're already seeing changes ... the number of severe storms and droughts is increasing."

    Sound Politics: Rock you like a hurricane

  • But as the fire threat grows — thanks to short-term droughts, the longer-range threats of global warming and a vast expansion of new homes built next to flammable wild lands — some wonder whether federal fire officials have the right mix of air power to fight the menace.

    The Air War on Forest Fires

  • Coupled climate-carbon cycle models suggest that Amazon forests are vulnerable to both long- and short-term droughts, but satellite observations showed a large-scale photosynthetic green-up in intact evergreen forests of the Amazon in response to a short, intense drought in 2005.

    Unthreaded #20 « Climate Audit


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