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  • n. Plural form of out.


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  • There in your hand, instead of endless print-outs, is the whole thing.

    Jean's Knitting

  • The long-run negative effect on native high school drop-outs is roughly half the short-run effect.

    Borjas, Wages, and Immigration: The Complete Story, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Any closer will insist that getting the final three outs is different from getting any other in a game.

    October Is Spooky for Some Closers

  • As many other readers here, your was the first blog I started following on a regular basis and it opened a new world to me of the wonders of the Internet, on-line dating and other fall-outs from the web-based society that most of us now live in.

    over and out?

  • The Phillies and Yankees had varied reactions to World Series Game 4 that moved New York 27 outs from the world championship.

    Phillies hope Lee can keep season afloat in Game 5

  • And, last I looked, "the character of our country" was one of self-reliance and individual responsibility, not one of whining for hand-outs from the "wealthy." malclave

    Obama invokes Kennedy's 'character of America'

  • Taking co-ops and fresh outs is a good way to cultivate a mass of naive geniuses all repeatedly reinventing the same wheel.

    Has Gen Y Taken Over NASA? - NASA Watch

  • Somehow he “missed” the part in the annual hand-outs from the International Monetary Fund, his former employer, where he was told about his obligation to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes -- a document he signed annually in order to get reimbursed.

    Timmy We Hardly Knew Ye II

  • Awareness of these ins-and-outs is part of what differentiates informed fans from less knowledgeable ones.

    Matthew Yglesias » PEDs

  • Charlie Crist as Governor of Florida did nothing to address our now 12.7% unemployment rate by taking the Stimu-less hand outs from the Federal government, he did not create new jobs, he did not cut the overstuffed state bureaucracy which specializes in private property theft and burdensome obstruction to commerce.

    Giuliani backs Rubio, rips into Obama


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