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  • n. Plural form of drupe.


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  • All fruits of this formation are called drupes, as those of the apple and pear form are called pomes, and those of the bramble, and some other tribes, berries.

    Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 456 Volume 18, New Series, September 25, 1852

  • Leaving aside the invidious choices to be made between hesperidia, cucurbitaceae, and drupes — I am a drupe man — and, thence, between apricots, nectarines, mangoes, plums, and peaches, I find there is simply no adequate counter-argument.

    The Peach

  • The almond originated in ancient China and is an ancestor of stone fruits, or drupes, such as peaches and plums.

    Nuts star in Mexican holiday cooking

  • Gardening can sometimes sound like a foreign language, with hybrids, drupes and herbaceous plants.

    Start Your Victory Gardens, America

  • Apricots and dates are botanical cousins, classified along with peaches, plums, mangos and olives as drupes — stone fruits with fleshy exteriors.

    Hot Dates Make It on the Restaurant Scene

  • Flowers give way to clusters of dark purple drupes in the summer that are attractive to birds.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • Peeling most drupes and tomatoes works beautifully if you submerge them in boiling water until the skin just begins to split and then immediately dunking them in ice water.

    bourbon peach hand pies | smitten kitchen

  • It seemed weeks, no, months ago that I had hovered by this stream as a disembodied entity and Epiny had picked and sampled some of the scarlet drupes.

    Renegade's Magic

  • Several of them have sprouted long, wispy spikes of flowers, known as panicles, and others are bearing green, pear-shaped fruits, or drupes, that come to a long point.

    Waiting for the Plague

  • All mangos are referred to botanically as drupes, or "stone fruit", like peaches and olives.

    Mexican mangos: fantastic flavor, big business


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