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  • n. A genre of electronic music descended from 2-step garage, characterised by its dark mood, sparse, half-step and two-step rhythms, an average bpm of 140 and an emphasis on sub-bass.


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dub +‎ step.


  • And now, people in H&M will think dubstep is a bit like tidied-up drum'n'bass, with no bass, and a random singer on top, rather than a vast, innard-rearranging expression of our own eternal loneliness in the face of the urban void (possibly).

    Magnetic Man by Magnetic Man – review

  • David wrote plenty about Rusko in Friday's Weekend section, but here's the short version -- dubstep is poised to be the electronic music genre that actually takes hold in the U.S. and Rusko is the man who will be most responsible for making that happen.

    Nightlife Agenda

  • Plus late night DJ bar with Andy + Colin [dubstep/dancehall stylee].

    Archive 2006-01-01

  • He continued the retro theme with a brilliantly original medley, alongside human beatbox Faith SFX, which transformed a cover of Stand By Me into what was described as "dubstep madness". characters left.

    Evening Standard - Home

  • In anxious anticipation of all that dropping sometime later this year and on the theme of being on the road, this mix kicks off with a heady white label dubstep remix of Damian Jr.

  • So went another club night for Sepalcure, a New York act on the rise in the ranks of the evolving electronic style known as dubstep, a rhythmically adventurous sound invested with alien textures and bellowing low-end throbs that signal its status as "bass music."

    Stepping Into A New Sound

  • When Justin Bieber announced he might use something called dubstep in his next album, he probably had a lot of fans nodding and pretending they had a clue about what dubstep actually is.

    Dubstep as the New Rock

  • The result is people connecting around shared enthusiasm for topics that can be as far ranging as the genre of electronic music known as "dubstep" or the ever-popular Twilight.

    Mike Jones: Now Trending... Curation

  • His roots remain in the progressive electronic club-music style known as dubstep, but there's little in Mr. Blake's most recent songs to suggest strobe lights or refracted breakbeats.

    Indie-Rockers Converge for a Spring Thaw

  • The album is a collaboration between this band, which helped define nu metal in the mid-1990s, and several producers - including Skrillex, Excision and Downlink - who specialize in the clattering, bass-heavy dance music known as dubstep.

    NYT > Home Page


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