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  • n. A stupid person.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

dumb +‎ head


  • But the Herr has come in, and says that I am a "dumbhead," also condemned, and many other things, because, he says, I can never tell anything that I begin to tell straightforwardly like a street in Berlin.

    Bog-Myrtle and Peat Tales Chiefly of Galloway Gathered from the Years 1889 to 1895

  • Its is obvious to any dumbhead that imports to US if taxed will protect US industry and jobs .

    Heat rises on the China-U.S. relationship

  • While weekends were taken up with caring for Joe's Parkinson's-stricken mother, I managed to work on stories and novels at my “dumbhead secretary” job as one of my co-workers called it.

    The Nervous Breakdown

  • Link i think the idiot athiests here going “omg religion r fur dumbhead” should sit right back and look at the difference between literalist Christians and sybological Christians.

    Bad Day for Darwin Haters - The Lede Blog -

  • "Of course we do, dumbhead!" chirped Max, turning the tables on his older brother.


  • "What're you going to do, you dumbhead dog bone!" his wife had screamed at him just before he had left his office.

    Noble House

  • You had to watch what you said, and you had to watch the way you acted, because they had an old, dumbhead waiter who was a real Tom.

    Manchild in the Promised Land

  • "More likely some dumbhead leaned against the switch."

    Between Planets

  • I have spent five thousand roubles on the dumbhead, Yeasky, who has not the brains or courage of a mouse.

    Prince or Chauffeur? A Story of Newport

  • If they don't sabe the buckboard's gone, which they probably will, knowin 'this outfit fairly well, an' the sheriff not bein 'a dumbhead; lead up to it.

    Rimrock Trail


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  • Well, that was my first thought...

    November 20, 2007

  • Also, my little brother.

    ;) (just kidding)

    November 20, 2007

  • The arm of a shaving horse that holds the wood on the horse; also the name for a shaving horse that has such an apparatus.

    November 20, 2007