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  • adj. Describing a pesticide or herbicide that is suitable for crop-dusting
  • adj. Capable of being cleaned with a duster.


dust +‎ -able (Wiktionary)


  • Dust all dustable surfaces and objects, including pictures, mirrors, light fixtures, and light bulbs


  • In most African countries dustable powders are the most widespread formulations for stored product protection on farmers 'level.

    4. Farm and village level storage

  • Especially dustable powder formulations degrade rapidly under hot and humid climatic conditions.

    4. Farm and village level storage

  • In the United States the production has been stopped since 1991, partly in consequence of studies proving that intolerably high residues are very common in foodstuff in countries, where this cheap and generally efficient insecticide has not been intensively applicated in the past and resistances are not usual, it can still be used in small farmers 'storage as dustable powder.

    8. Pest control using insecticides

  • The following dosages apply for the admixture of combined products formulated as dustable powders to stored cereals:

    8. Pest control using insecticides

  • Suitable for use under traditional storage conditions as dustable powder. lodofenphos

    8. Pest control using insecticides

  • Especially dustable powders degrade fast under tropical climate conditions and loose their effectivity.

    8. Pest control using insecticides

  • It is to be treated with a 5% dustable powder formulation.

    8. Pest control using insecticides

  • It would be more durable (and dustable) if she plasticized the paper.

    Apartment Therapy Main

  • It features a fan capacity of 3,000m3/hour, a separator and a durable manual de-dustable large surface-class W3 UPF filter cartridge that remains in the unit during de-dusting, reducing operator exposure.

    Manufacturingtalk - manufacturing industry news


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  • Heard it this evening on the CTV (Canada) news referring to trinkets and stuff on shelves in the context of things that could fall off in an earthquake.

    In other words, as a noun.

    October 28, 2012