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  • n. Any of several instruments used to measure mechanical power.

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  • n. Any of various devices used to measure mechanical power, especially those that measure the torque of a rotating shaft

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  • n. An apparatus for measuring force or power; especially, muscular effort of men or animals, or the power developed by a motor, or that required to operate machinery.

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  • n. An apparatus for measuring the amount of force expended by men, animals, or motors in moving a load, operating machines, towing vessels, etc.; a power-measurer.
  • n. An instrument for determining the magnifying power of a telescope by measuring the diameter of the little image of the object-glass which is formed just outside of the eyepiece: usually, and better, called dynameter, to distinguish it from the instrument for measuring stress.

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  • n. measuring instrument designed to measure power


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

French dynamomètre : Greek dunamis, power; see dynamic + -mètre, -meter.


  • These tests are conducted in a laboratory where the car is driven on a dynamometer, which is a bit like a treadmill for cars.

    How we test: Fuel economy

  • In the study, Byram and colleagues followed pitchers playing for the Colorado Rockies over a five-year period from 2001 to 2005, testing their strength using a device called a dynamometer as the players performed four different shoulder exercises. weakness in one of three exercises during the preseason were at risk of suffering an in-season shoulder injury that would require surgery, Byram said.

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  • This FOA is for the design and construction of a large dynamometer facility (a dynamometer is a device used to test a motor or engine for efficiency and torque) for testing 5 to 15

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  • The drum is another wheel, four feet in diameter and nine inches deep, which is also controlled by powerful brakes; and from it the cable passes over another grooved wheel before it gets to the "dynamometer" wheel.

    St. Nicholas, Vol. 5, No. 5, March, 1878

  • There is an automotive testing instrument called a dynamometer which can be used to help judge engine performance; it should be available from auto parts dealers (House,

    Chapter 11

  • "dynamometer" and gave him a clue that would lead him to NASCAR's executive chef where he was asked to spell "acidulation."


  • Then the newly assembled motor spent its first three hours of life running on a dynamometer, a device for measuring power output.

    Wild Ride

  • Tommy leaned over the dynamometer and spat in the wheel well.

    Least Resistance

  • Those cars that pass every test will move on to a Validation phase next month, undergoing dynamometer testing under controlled laboratory conditions to verify technical performance results.

    Automotive X Prize: The 100 MPGe competition enters Finals phase

  • The Automotive X Prize teams competing for the $10 million prize have moved on to the Validation stage this month, where their fuel economy and emissions will be retested on a stationary dynamometer at Argonne National Laboratory.

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