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  • n. The outer aperture of the ear; the entrance to the ear canal.
  • n. A puncture in the ear, usually in the earlobe, such as for earrings.
  • n. An opening in a head-covering, such as a hat or helmet, for the ears.


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ear +‎ hole.


  • Granted, I didn't have one blowing in my earhole, but I am now like one of Pavlov's dogs, when I hear a vuvuzela, I get a soccer woody.

    David Henry Sterry: World Cup 2010: What We Learned About Ourselves and the World

  • On the catwalk Lester moved around from the off side, sat back against the tank, put the crosshairs on Billy's left earhole and with no more forethought than you'd give a dumpster rat touched off a 125 grain copper point that made hardly a mark going in and removed the offside of his skull coming out.

    The Warden

  • The earhole is still there, clotted and oozing pus.

    The Other Side of Dark

  • So, take your five cent, gumball machine Private Investigators License and blow it out of your earhole.

    Exclusive Video: Is This the Walking Record Whitetail?

  • I screamed directly into his earhole, and he jerked as though I had run a hot wire into it.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • So I yelped: "Out out out out!" like a doggie, and then I cracked this veck who was sitting next to me and well away and burbling a horrorshow crack on the ooko or earhole, but he didn't feel it and went on with his "Telephonic hardware and when the farfarculule gets rubadubdub".

    Where's the show?

  • So if Im being ‘trained’ on the street, does that mean I can give a yoof a good whack round the earhole & ‘learn from my mistakes?’

    Leave My Kitten Alone « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • The flap called the tragus protects of the auditory meatus, or earhole.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • I'd like to see the soft sod try to forgive a thunder god for a malleting around the earhole.

    The Son of God

  • Leith sat unprotesting as Durrell glued the tiny flesh-coloured pellet inside the fold of skin just above his right earhole.

    Neurosurgical Intervention For Beginners


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