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  • Well, if you wish to act up to the scope which you give to your work -- in the word ec -- elec -- "

    The Physiology of Marriage, Part 3

  • The ec is a moderately certified global shift that includes provisions german as the cb1 manner and it has counteracted shown to pass an ample expression in injecting side weight and in viewing pancreatitis balance, as currently as sclerosis and click (or fat) metabolism.


  • That's the case you mention, "ec-", which - as far as I know - has just a few attested words to help reconstruct a proper PIE word.

    Archive 2007-05-01

  • The suffix "- ec -" is used to form words indicating the "abstract quality" of that which is expressed in the root, or formation, to which it is attached: amikeco = friendship. fleksebleco = flexibility. ofteco = frequency. patreco = fatherhood. indeco = worthiness. patrineco = motherhood. dankemeco = thankfulness. maltrankvileco = uneasiness.

    A Complete Grammar of Esperanto

  • Rerun the last command starting with 'ec'; this reruns the first command in this example

    LXer Linux News

  • It is thus in contrast to the abstract-forming suffix "- ec -" (202).a. A word formed from a verbal root by means of the suffix "- ajx -" expresses a concrete example of "a thing which undergoes" (or, in the case of intransitives, "results from") the action indicated in the root: konstruajxo = a building. kreskajxo = a plant, a growth. sendajxo = consignment, thing sent. rebrilajxo = a reflection. mangxajxo = food. restajxo = remainder.

    A Complete Grammar of Esperanto

  • And I replied in the best patois I could command: "Bonjour d'ec'h a laran, na oeled Ket!

    The Maids of Paradise

  • The country would be better served by a breed of "fiscal hawk" who understood that the best way to fix a debt problem is a combination of ec onomic growth and reform of entitlements that are growing at an unsustainable rate.

    Japanese for 'Plus

  • My uninformed sense is that schools quit teaching home ec to avoid gender stereotyping.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » The FDA to Target Salt

  • Advertisement var doubleclick_ad_params = 'a = 1; r = 0; w = 1; wg = 0; wa = 42; wi = armour; wi = german; wi = longsword; wi = swords; wi = tanks; wi = writing; ra = 42; jid = 4625841; c = jo; pt = jo; pc = e0; pc = t0; pc = c0; pc = ec ';

    One of my mates is in good company...


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  • Manx, "at."

    April 23, 2009