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  • adj. Describing any inner part of the body that reflects sound waves and thus produces echos that may be detected using ultrasound scanners.


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echo +‎ -genic


  • The ultrasound had revealed large, echogenic lungs – lungs overinflated with fluids that showed "bright" on the image.

    CHAOS — Waterman

  • One kidney was suspected to be damaged as indicated by its echogenic appearance and the presence of several cysts within the renal tissue.

    Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction (LUTO)

  • We would be looking for hydrocephalus, an endocardial cushion defect or abdominal wall defect, nuchal fold thickening, a short or absent nasal bone, hydronephrosis, echogenic bowel, shortened humeri or femurs—all markers used in the ultrasound diagnosis of Down syndrome.

    Handle with Care

  • Resident: No, actually, see, this echogenic area is the renal pelvis...

    I can see clearly now

  • HR® Lubricating Jelly provides a superior echogenic medium for imaging soft tissues such as muscles and/or tendons achieving exceptional results.

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  • We found a highly characteristic enlargement of the SN echogenic signal in IPD.

    BioMed Central - Latest articles

  • It usually runs in the ventrocranial part of the parenchyma, appearing sonographically as two parallel echogenic lines.

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  • Slide 273: Uterus in Longitudinal Sections 263 80 86 94 89 94 The vagina appears posterior to the bladder as an elongated, hypoechoic structure with a more echogenic central band.

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  • After one fetus died and the placenta became increasingly echogenic, the patient improved clinically, and weekly ultrasound assessments of the intact co-twin from 22 weeks onwards demonstrated symmetrical fetal growth along the 10th centile.

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  • We defined IMT as the distance from the front edge of the first echogenic line

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