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  • noun medicine The ability to create an echo that can be detected in an ultrasound examination.


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  • The other kidney, however, demonstrated minimal increased echogenicity, had no visible cortical cysts and was presumed to be less damaged.

    Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction (LUTO)

  • In this study echogenicity of SN was examined in 199 IPD patients and 201 control subjects.

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  • Using a Sonos 5500 ultrasound device area of SN was measured, echogenicity of raphe, red nuclei, thalamus, caudate and lenticular nuclei, width of third and lateral ventricle were documented.

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  • Although the phenomenon of an increased echogenicity of the Substantia nigra (SN) is well known this method is still not widly used in the diagnostic workup.

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  • Perimuscular thickness and echogenicity were not correlated with age but were positively correlated with BMI.

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  • The outcome measures based on these images were subcutaneous and perimuscular connective tissue thickness and echogenicity measured by ultrasound.

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  • Findings with regard to urinary stones were categorized as follows: definite stones, suspected stones (increased, sporadic, punctiform echogenicity in the kidneys or pyelocalyceal system), or no stones.

    New England Journal of Medicine

  • Investigators report that echogenicity, an ultrasound-based measure of plaque stability, was significantly improved among patients treated to very low LDL-cholesterol levels.

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  • Assessments included renal size; the shape of the pyelocalyceal region, ureter, and bladder; echogenicity; and parenchymal thickness.

    New England Journal of Medicine

  • An ultrasonic evaluation may indicate an adnexal mass of complex echogenicity.

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