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  • Why the EVE Online industrial espionage econopocalypse is fun ...

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  • Andy Lester started writing this book years before the recession (a.k.a. "econopocalypse") hit.

    Pragmatic Bookshelf

  • Chart showing policies that led to the econopocalypse

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  • The Boston Globe's "Images from the Recession" page features pictures from around the world showing the stark reality of the econopocalypse.

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  • Newspaper box graveyard and other images of the econopocalypse

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  • In White Fungus, an "architecture fiction" published in the first issue of Beyond magazine, Bruce Sterlng marries the sardonic and the hopeful in a gripping, hilarious story about how every aspect of civic life from schools to tomato-farming will be reformed after ecotastrophe and econopocalypse destroy our present way of life.

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  • Phil Torrone came up with the idea of the MAKEcation last summer, when gas prices were crazy and people were staying home, their "Staycations" becoming fodder for the evening news 'econopocalypse coping stories.

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  • Bruce Sterling's "White Fungus" -- architecture fiction for rising seas and the econopocalypse

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  • This has been the rationale for employing Goldman Sachs alumni at the Treasury Department; it's also been the excuse given by regulators who didn't see the econopocalypse coming not to mention hungover econ majors around the world.

    The Senate Gets a Crash Course in Economy-Crashing | Indecision Forever | Political Humor, 2010 Election, and Satire Blog | Comedy Central


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  • Boing Boing: 'Writing in the Atlantic, Simon Johnson, former chief economist of the IMF, takes a hard look at the econopocalypse and decides that the root of America's (and Europe's) economic woes is the cozy relationship between super-powerful bankers and government -- oligarchy.'

    March 31, 2009