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  • n. The deficiency or absence of one or more central digits of the hand or foot.

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  • n. congenital abnormality involving the absence of some fingers or toes


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  • In fact, I was told by someone recently that when you go online on Google and look under the word ectrodactyly, there's my picture.

    CNN Transcript Jul 17, 2004

  • Pierce was born with a rare genetic birth defect called ectrodactyly, which means he only has three fingers on each hand. blogs

  • Bree Walker, that TV newswoman with ectrodactyly....looks like she's been hanging out at Camp Casey in Crawford.

    What is the sound of one hand on a children's TV show host?

  • But when I had the blood drawn to join the Human Genome Project to isolate where ectrodactyly comes from, it was interesting to learn that in fact it's part of a larger family, including the ectodermal dysplasia, of which there are many.

    CNN Transcript Dec 19, 2004

  • J. LAMPLEY: Ninety-nine percent of the time, I'm not conscious of ectrodactyly.

    CNN Transcript Dec 19, 2004

  • Bree Walker has a genetic hand and foot deformity called ectrodactyly.

    CNN Transcript Dec 19, 2004

  • Well, ectrodactyly is not a common word, so to the average viewer you could just say it's just fused fingers and toes.

    CNN Transcript Dec 19, 2004

  • WALKER: Approximately one in 90,000 to 100,000 people with an ectrodactyly that shows up like this, but the ectodermal dysplasia family has a lot more people with various manifestations.

    CNN Transcript Dec 19, 2004

  • WALKER: My mother had it, but when she was born and raised, everybody thought it was rheumatoid arthritis, because the funny thing about ectrodactyly is it manifests itself in different shapes almost every time it arrives.

    CNN Transcript Dec 19, 2004

  • Because I already knew Bree, so I understood completely that it's not exactly a life destroyer to have ectrodactyly.

    CNN Transcript Dec 19, 2004


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