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  • n. An idiot; a fool; an imbecile.


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Hiberno-English pronunciation of idiot.


  • Rochdale Alternative Website has just published (despite time stamp from early hours) another account of Paul Rowen's Lib Dem Let Down re Gaza and of the ejection of whom they call an 'eejit' - Dave Drunkagain.

    Labour of Love

  • María followed, complaining loudly about the distance and at being called an eejit.

    House Of The Scorpion

  • “An eejit is a person or animal with an implant in its head,” said Tam Lin.

    House Of The Scorpion

  • Typically, Harrington took his punishment on the chin but was struggling to maintain this sort of impressive equilibrium when he hooked his drive into woods off the 2nd tee yesterday and then played pinball with the same tree twice to eventually run up a nine, just one shot short of the Masters "eejit" record on this par five.

    The Guardian World News

  • [quote = "eejit"] in my smock ive got trauma kit top left, compass and maglite top right, matches/lighter in chest. the rest left empty. (notepad, pens etc in combats.)

    Army Rumour Service

  • Sometimes, as you watch Rio Ferdinand pick up £120,000 a week for occasionally engaging second gear, it's easy to forget that playing football is a job, and that its protagonists are subject to the same daily irritants as the great unwashed: working with a hangover, eejit colleagues who nick your favourite mug – and commuting to work.

    Did Jim Fix It for a fan to play for Liverpool?

  • Take the Go Compare tenor, a cheery bulbous eejit warbling doggerel set to melodies so basic that the average nursery rhyme sounds like one of Sun Ra's more outre soundscapes by comparison.

    The Hard Sell: Direct Line

  • Yes, the Croydon Powerleague, where any fat, useless eejit with a beer-gut and a pair of trainers can play and find themselves up against a team featuring Kevin Prince Boateng.54 min: "It's nice to see the Arsenal fans seem to be supporting Heineken probably in their sponsorship of the tournament anyway," writes Justin Kavanagh.

    AC Milan 4-0 Arsenal – as it happened | Barry Glendenning

  • Only now some eejit looking at this may be spurred into action by wordsd, and decide to have a go.

    Police Response Times – A Serious Debate SHOCK! « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • MCM – this eejit has been trolling you for years, what have you done to upset them?

    You Heard It Here First (Bulbgate) « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG


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  • As we Irish say, he's a complete eejit.

    July 27, 2009

  • Derogatory word used in Ireland. From the English word "idiot"

    Example: "You are some eejit"

    June 8, 2009

  • Irish term meaning idiot.

    August 27, 2008