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  • n. Obsolete spelling of egg.

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  • An obsolete form of edge.


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  • Fold a third of the egg white mixture followed by the breadcrumbs into the egge yolk mixture.

    Archive 2007-01-01

  • Sweet mvses come & lend your helpinge handes to Rule my penne which quakinge standes to write ffeare bides me stay but hope doth egge me on to putt in practize what's my hartes delight ffayne would I write so 'twere without offence

    Archive 2006-12-01

  • There are the greatest, and the fairest geese, and most plenty of them to be sold in al the whole world, as I suppose: [He meaneth Pellicans, which the Spaniards cal Alcatrarzi.] they are as white as milke, and haue a bone vpon the crowne of their heads as bigge as an egge, being of the colour of blood: vnder their throat they haue a skin or bag hanging downe halfe a foot.

    The Journal of Friar Odoric

  • The bunches aforesayd be of diuers sorts: the least be as big as a litle walnut, and very round: the greatest are as big as a litle hennes egge: some are of brasse and some of siluer: but those of siluer be for the king, and his noble men.

    The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation

  • Next within this hard shell is a vvhite rine resembling in shew verie much euen as any thing may do, to the vvhite of an egge vvhen it is hard boyled.

    Summarie and true discourse of Sir Frances Drakes West Indian voyage

  • Out of one of the which, spronge a flame of fire: and out of the other egge two bright starres.

    Hypnerotomachia The Strife of Loue in a Dreame

  • The Loseley MSS. prescribe the following for all manner of fevers: "Take iii drops of a woman's mylke yt norseth a knave childe, and do it in a hennes egge that ys sedentere (or sitting), and let hym suppe it up when the evyl takes hym."

    Three Thousand Years of Mental Healing

  • I find not of this proportion, vsed by any of the Greeke or Latine Poets, or in any vulgar writer, sauing of that one forme which they cal _Anacreens egge.

    The Arte of English Poesie

  • Neer lower fall, 12 paces back from egge, getting island open N.E. beyond rock W. of inlet, and first tree Misery Swamp over Crabtree, W. S.W.Bush above rock to rt of fall.

    Poison Island

  • '_Crocodile_, a beast hatched of an egge, yet some of them grow to a great bignesse, as 10. 20. or 30. foot in length: it hath cruell teeth and scaly back, with very sharpe clawes on his feete: if it see a man afraid of him, it will eagerly pursue him, but on the contrary, if he be assaulted he wil shun him.

    The evolution of English lexicography


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