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  • n. the transport of small particles under the influence of an electric charge
  • n. the separation of ions of isotopes by this method


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

electro- +‎ migration


  • Increasing current flow through the metal layers of the discharging path can also cause electromigration (EM) induced damages to interconnects.

    Electronicstalk - electronics industry news

  • It can conduct currents one thousand times greater than can copper, without electromigration [a form of structural decomposition within a material due to large current flows] 5.

    ZDNet UK Highlights

  • CustomSim verifies complex power management designs at the transistor level by identifying IR drop, electromigration and standby leakage issues that can impact the reliability and performance of integrated circuits.


  • By identifying and fixing voltage-drop and electromigration issues earlier in the flow, designers can eliminate costly iterations late in the design process.

    Electronicstalk - electronics industry news

  • I already know that a cpu can die due to overheat deteoration or due to electromigration, but that happens all during use.


  • Test conditions are such that electromigration does not occur.

    iMechanica - Comments

  • For nearly a decade, the industry has tried to develop a breakthrough remedy by applying a copper-capping layer to improve electromigration reliability performance.

    Nano Tech Wire

  • Also, according to Tu, "the high-lead solder is known to have better resistance to electromigration, eutectic solder is not, especially when current crowding occurs at the cathode entrance where the electrons enter the solder bumps."

    TG Daily - All News

  • The scientist states that it is unclear whether "electromigration will enhance the failure caused by temperature cycle or power cycle", but it appears to be clear that a simple switch without further research is simply not possible with a product that is shipped in millions of units.

    TG Daily - All News

  • The more current you run through a eutectic bump, the quicker the electromigration.

    The Inquirer


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