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from The Century Dictionary.

  • Of minute or microscopical structure; of or pertaining to micro-structure.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

  • adjective Of or pertaining to a microstructure


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  • “The identification of microstructural and chemical features in drill fragments taken from the Mount Ashmore drill hole revealed evidence of a significant impact,” Glikson said, adding it was at least 50 kilometres (31 miles) wide and about 35 million years old.

    Australian Scientists Find Timor Sea Meteorite Crater | Impact Lab

  • As for the "author as scribe" thing: we may be talking past each other a bit, as you introduce the idea of variations on a microstructural level, while I was thinking more about a macrostructural matter.

    Beyond Literary Dependence and Independence

  • Digital preparation of a probable neoceratopsian preserved within an egg, with comments on microstructural anatomy of ornithischian eggshells.

    Neoceratopsian publications for 2008

  • Putnam's (1975) Twin Earth thought experiment, in a non-semantic guise, leads more directly to the conclusion that water has a microstructural essence.

    Natural Kinds

  • In the light of cladism in biology, one may regard biological taxa as having historical essences also, and this is consistent with the general picture given to us by Kripke and Putnam, even if they themselves once thought that biological kinds had microstructural essences (LaPorte 2004, 64; Kornblith 1993, 111).

    Natural Kinds

  • Microstructuralism in the philosophy of chemistry is the thesis that chemical kinds can be individuated solely in terms of their microstructural properties (Hendry 2006).

    Natural Kinds

  • The effect on skeletogenesis was investigated quantitatively (by calcification rate) and qualitatively (by microstructural appearance of growing crystalline fibres using scanning electron microscopy (SEM)).

    HAnsen and Schmidt: Predicting the Past – Continued « Climate Audit

  • In this last case we are explaining the breaking of the vase by appealing, first, to the fact that it was knocked off my desk and, second, to the fact that it had a particular microstructural, presumably categorical property.


  • The causal basis of an object's disposition is something like a microstructural property of the object that is causally responsible, in certain circumstances, for the manifestation of the disposition.


  • However, while the calcification rate was affected uniformly across species 13-18% reduction, the magnitude of the microstructural response was highly species specific: crystallization was most markedly affected in A. verweyi and least in T. reniformis.

    HAnsen and Schmidt: Predicting the Past – Continued « Climate Audit


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