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  • adj. Of or pertaining to the climate of a region in the past

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  • Of or pertaining to climatic conditions of former geologic periods: a term introduced by C. A. White to describe “formerly existing conditions which, in certain parts of the earth, were more or less materially different from those which now exist in the same parts.”


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paleo- +‎ climatic


  • Climate deniers, who promulgate error after error (from misreporting satellite data, to misrepresenting historical temperature records, to misinterpreting paleoclimatic data, to much more) do not do the same - they simply deny the evidence (hence the term).

    Peter H. Gleick: A Brief Lesson in the Integrity of Science: Climate Scientists Challenge Bad Science, No Matter the Source

  • The principle source of uncertainty in calibrating the paleoclimatic record with the CO2 levels of today is the lack of data on aerosols.

    Dale Pendell: Hot Air

  • Based on paleoclimatic (proxy) reconstructions of solar irradiance there is suggestion of a trend of about +0.12 W/m2 since 1750 which is about half of the estimate given in the last IPCC report in 2001.

    Global warming frequently asked questions

  • Some researchers suggest that a paleoclimatic reconstruction of the Eemian provides a means of establishing the mode and tempo of natural climate variability with no anthropogenic influence.

    Arctic climate variability prior to 100 years BP

  • The occurrence of thermophilous mollusks on Svalbard during the Holocene and their paleoclimatic implications.

    Arctic climate variability prior to 100 years BP

  • The errors and uncertainties tend to be amplified farther back in the paleoclimatic record, particularly in the Arctic, where much of the paleoclimatic evidence from earlier parts of the Quaternary Period has been removed or obfuscated as a result of later glaciations.

    Arctic climate variability prior to 100 years BP

  • Sources of paleoclimatic information in the Arctic are limited to a few, often equivocal types of records, most of which are interpreted as proxies for summer temperature.

    Arctic climate variability prior to 100 years BP

  • Insolation gradients and the paleoclimatic record.

    Arctic climate variability prior to 100 years BP

  • Climate change scenarios used in all of these estimates were generated by various general circulation models (GCMs) forced with doubled atmospheric CO2 concentrations, with transient increases of CO2, and/or with other forcing from paleoclimatic reconstructions.

    Freshwater discharge in the Arctic

  • Note: In this chapter, when describing changes in arctic climate, the words possible, probable, and very probable are used to indicate the level of confidence the authors have that the change really did occur, recognizing the limitations of the observing system and paleoclimatic reconstructions of arctic climate.

    Arctic atmosphere


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