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  • n. Plural form of ell.


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  • What I meant is: I hope we don't loss anyone ells from the crew of the movie The Dark Knight and that is it …. but some people just like to make scandals … and I remember even in the day that Heath Ledger died … some said that it is from the Joker character that still controle him and don't leave him relax and such an idiotic thoughts …

    Morgan Freeman Involved in Car Crash - Serious But Stable «

  • The "ells" that are the basic unit for these measuring sticks are in some cases still marked out on a medieval church wall or the town hall, since the exact length of the ell could differ from region to region.

    Measuring Tape revisited

  • Yet John remembered that his team and wagon were going all winter, hauling stone for the foundation of the Hendricks home on the hill -- a great brick structure, with square towers and square "ells" rambling off on the prairie, and square turrets with ornate cornice pikes pricking the sky.

    A Certain Rich Man

  • I can shut my eyes and hear him read his report now: "Infant-class, M.s. Sarah M. Boggs, one dolla thutty-eight cents; Dan'ells's class, fawty-six cents;

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  • The new year "will be a better year, but we are still going to stay lean," said Rick Small , owner of Woodward Canyon Winery, in Lowden, Wash., which s ells most of its wine for about $50 a bottle.

    Snooty? Not Today's Wine Drinkers

  • Semper Fi quote ells just don't understand!!!!!! and probably never will end quote quote if he can't say what you asked he's not sorry endquote


  • They not only found that large numbers of CD8+ T cells infiltrated obese epididymal adipose tissue in mice fed a high-fat diet (while there was a depletion of CD4+ T ells), but also that this infiltration preceded the accumulation of macrophages in fat tissue.

    Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes » Blog Archive » Will Immunotherapy Provide a New Treatment for Obesity?

  • My blue-coloured robe had a train to it of four ells in length, which was supported by three princesses.


  • Again my comment in this article was just a good wish for having all the crew again in the new Batman Movie nothing ells …. of course it is enough that we lost Ledger and Conway Wickliffe (Special Effect)

    Morgan Freeman Involved in Car Crash - Serious But Stable «

  • Hope you understand from which angle of view I want them to remake movies … and of course I am not agree with any big changes in the remakes that loss the core of the old version … It is just the CGI work nothing ells

    Hulk's Louis Leterrier Directing Clash of the Titans Remake «


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