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  • n. Plural form of organelle.


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  • They may be present in the nucleus, as well as in the cell "organelles" that are responsible for photosynthesis, energy processing and other fundamental processes of life.

    The new weapons of genetic engineering

  • Dinosaurs were terrestrial vertebrates, meaning they had complex eukaryotic cells with organelles, heart, brains, muscles, vertebrae, nerve cord.

    Casey Luskin on Kitzmiller & Information

  • One possible paradigm is of the Microsoft Windows system (I'm serious! lol) A cell would be analogous to a computer system, the hardware being all the organelles and proteins and ribosomes and amino acids and sugars, etc.

    De Facto Intelligent Design in Biology

  • The organelles and the membrane would come from existing life.

    Better Bubbles

  • For example, a cell is considered to be a materialistic thing, a membrane-enclosed compartment containing organelles and a nucleus [for eukaryotic cells].

    Against Darwinism

  • Notice that other than the addition of organelles, eukaryotes are monophyletic.

    A Disclaimer for Behe?

  • These organelles now power our muscles, our digestion, and our brains.


  • These cells contain organelles—which divide up the task of cellular life as organs do for a body—including a nucleus where their DNA resides.


  • These organelles are the leftovers of earlier episodes of microbial mergers and acquisitions.


  • There you'll be, a furious collection of primordial organelles focused like a coherent light machine on the hyperholistic sublimity of 'appliance' as a signifier of more than simply an instance of a particular hardware configuration, but as an aggregation of physical nature with the abstraction of 'applicabilty,'  more than just a word, but a magickal spell that conjures technology out of ecology.

    Whole Day Off


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