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  • Flowing, issuing, or proceeding from something else; becoming apparent by an effect.
  • noun In mathematics, the result of operating any number of times upon a quantic with the operator (x'd/dx + y'd/dy +, etc.). J. J. Sylvester, 1853.

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  • adjective Issuing or flowing forth; emanating; passing forth into an act, or making itself apparent by an effect; -- said of mental acts.

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  • adjective Flowing forth; emanating or issuing from or as if from a source.
  • adjective philosophy, of a mental act Passing forth into a physical act, or making itself apparent by an effect. Compare immanent.


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  • Ab hac morbi sponte saepe emanant, nulla alia cogente causa.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • Those ascribing Intellection to the First have not supposed him to know the lesser, the emanant — though, indeed, some have thought it impossible that he should not know everything.

    The Six Enneads.

  • Further, a vestigial cut off from its source disappears — for example, a reflected light — and in general an emanant loses its quality once it is severed from the original which it reproduces: just so the powers derived from that source must vanish if they do not remain attached to it.

    The Six Enneads.

  • Now, in beings whose unity does not reproduce the entire nature of that principle, any presence is presence of an emanant power: even this, however, does not mean that the principle is less than integrally present; it is not sundered from the power which it has uttered; all is offered, but the recipient is able to take only so much.

    The Six Enneads.

  • Either would imply something of it remaining there while the emanant is elsewhere: thus separated from what has gone forth, it would experience local division.

    The Six Enneads.

  • Sed intendunt ad proportionem ex illo resultantem, quem numerum naturalem et formalem et rationalem vocant; ex quo magna sacramenta emanant, tam in naturalibus quam divinis atque coelestibus ....

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 03, No. 17, March, 1859

  • He does not appear to have thought to inquire whether they had dyspepsia, and how it affected them, being engrossed in that more important question, viz., what ideas they were possessed withal, how wrought out, and what part these emanant volitions of the lords of intellect played in the mighty drama of Human Life.

    The Complete Works of Brann the Iconoclast, Volume 1.

  • Light of the Infinite flowed into that void through a line or certain slender canal; and that Light is the Emanative and emitting Principle, or the out-flow and origin of Emanation: but the Light within the void is the emanant subordinate; and the two cohere only by means of the aforesaid line.

    Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

  • The Beings, yes, but they are to us manifold and differentiated: the First we make a simplex; to us Intellection begins with the emanant in its seeking of its essence, of itself, of its author; bent inward for this vision and having a present thing to know, there is every reason why it should be a principle of Intellection; but that which, never coming into being, has no prior but is ever what it is, how could that have motive to Intellection?

    The Six Enneads.

  • אדם קדמון, ADAM KADMON, the Primal or First Man, is the first Aziluthic emanant from the Infinite Light, immitted into the evacuated Space, and from which, afterward, all the other degrees and systems had their beginnings.

    Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry


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  • \Em"a*nant\, a. (L. emanans, -antis, p. pr. of emanare. See Emanate.) Issuing or flowing forth; emanating; passing forth into an act, or making itself apparent by an effect; -- said of mental acts; as, an emanant volition.

    April 6, 2007