from The Century Dictionary.

  • Proceeding by emanation; issuing or flowing out, as an effect due to the mere existence of a cause, without any particular activity of the latter.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • adjective Issuing forth; effluent.

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  • adjective That emanates, or causes emanation


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  • This suggests Leibniz's preferred way of reconciling God's creation and concurrence with creaturely activity: continual creation is to be understood in terms of God's emanative activity.

    Leibniz on Causation

  • So intellect in its similitude to divine creation possesses an emanative activity.

    Dietrich of Freiberg

  • An emanative mode of causal activity is one in which the cause includes, in some

    Leibniz on Causation

  • While not part of his normative epistemology, Avicenna attempts to accommodate this phenomenon scientifically, seeing it not as an innate power of an internal sense, but as an expression, however rare, of the emanative powers of the Agent Intellect.

    Arabic and Islamic Psychology and Philosophy of Mind

  • Soul is the next realm in the emanative sequence, and Israeli here replicates Aristotle's threefold division.

    Isaac Israeli

  • However, the Neoplatonists who were members of established monotheist religions do not think that one's rational soul is capable of so high an ascent up the emanative chain, and advocation of such belief might have lead to prosecution for blasphemy or heresy.

    Isaac Israeli

  • Whereas for Plotinus, the second being in the emanative chain is

    Isaac Israeli

  • This emanative framework, the love of that which is more beautiful for that which is less beautiful, comprises the first half of the circle.

    Judah Abrabanel

  • The first perfection is not merely the efficient cause of the second; the second is already a crucial stage in the achievement of conjunction with the Active Intellect and thus the formal cause of the first, reflecting the emanative pull of the process of this eventual conjunction.

    Elijah Delmedigo

  • His robot arm operator, Nancy Currie, she's about the most emanative.

    CNN Transcript Mar 3, 2002


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