from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • adj. Flowing out or forth.
  • n. Something that flows out or forth, especially:
  • n. A stream flowing out of a body of water.
  • n. An outflow from a sewer or sewage system.
  • n. A discharge of liquid waste, as from a factory or nuclear plant.

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  • adj. Flowing out; outflowing.
  • n. A stream that flows out, such as from a lake or reservoir; an outflow; effluence.
  • n. Sewage water that has been (partially) treated, and is released into a natural body of water; a flow of any liquid waste.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Flowing out.
  • n. A stream that flows out of another stream or lake.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Flowing out; emanating.
  • n. That which flows out or issues forth.
  • n. Specifically, in geography, a stream that flows out of another stream or out of a lake: as, the Atchafalaya is an effluent of the Mississippi river.
  • n. In mathematics, a covariant of a quantic of degree mn in i variables, the covariant being of degree m and in p variables, where p is the number of permutations that can be obtained by dividing n into i parts.

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  • adj. that is flowing outward
  • n. water mixed with waste matter


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English, from Latin effluēns, effluent-, present participle of effluere, to flow out : ex-, ex- + fluere, to flow; see bhleu- in Indo-European roots.


  • Also, if the grass courts were fertilized with fecal effluent from the Canada geese and Nutria overpopulating all of our public parks and golf courses, it would be a real "win-win" for nature and the economy.

    Ain't nothin' like the real thing, baby (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • There have been a number of bottling plants in India where the level of the water supply has dramatically dropped and in some cases there have been studies showing that effluent from the plants has dumped cadmium, chromium and other carcinogens onto the land of those who live in the community.

    Tara Lohan: The Coke Machine: New Book Reveals the Dirty Truth Behind Coca-Cola

  • Noise rose from below like effluent from a blocked toilet and the light was so dim the waitress had to check the reservation book with a torch.

    Restaurant review: Platform

  • The effluent is pumped into drainage ditches. visualjohn

    Mexican vs American septic systems???

  • The effluent is pumped to the top of the evaporators, and flows down the inside of the tubes as a thin film.

    Archive 2006-04-16

  • At the treatment plants, the MWRD removes most of the pollutants and separates the solid wastes from the liquid wastes and then discharges the treated wastewater - called effluent - into the Chicago area waterways.

    Debra Shore: Storm of the Century

  • (Pratt says the effluent is a mixture of soot, dirt and salt, as well as some hazardous substances such as lead and arsenic.)

    Airlines Dip Into Hot Water to Save Fuel

  • The end goal is treated water (called effluent), which San Francisco dumps into the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay.

    Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

  • Clarified water (the middle layer) commonly called effluent flows to the drain field.


  • The cleaned effluent, which is cleaned liquid, which is what sewage becomes, is discharged into a waterway or the nearest lake or river.

    MoJo Blogs and Articles


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  • "alleys stank of effluent" (Mitchell, Cloud Atlas, 048.1)

    January 24, 2010

  • Some people are both.

    November 12, 2008

  • Tee-hee! This word sounds so much like affluent.

    August 20, 2008