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  • adj. flowing out

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  • adj. that is flowing outward


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  • The word "outflowing" is mostly spelled without a hyphen, so I deleted the hyphens from all instances of this word.

    The Complex Vision

  • "Capital is outflowing from emerging markets into perceived safe heavens in developed markets."

    Bearish Bets Fall on NYSE, Climb on Nasdaq

  • There is an outflowing of haan or inward, downcast, and repressed feelings at work in many of these situations.

    Bernard Rowan: Hallyu and Haan

  • Theories of the general interstellar medium require that these large rarefied cavities exist, and astronomers believe the cavities were formed by the combined action of energetic supernova events and the outflowing winds of clusters of hot and young stars.

    Local Interstellar Gas Mapped in 3-D | Universe Today

  • He would have to have given it an outflowing ley-line, however small, and all he would have had would have been, in the end, no more than an exceptionally strong node.

    Widows and Orphans

  • While pressure gradients within the disk might act to bend the paths of outflowing material, the observations of pronounced curvature at large vertical displacements from the plane would require that the pressure scale height of the disk is comparable to the observed vertical extent of the masers.

    New Movie Reveals Birth of Super-Suns | Universe Today

  • In addition to this discrepancy, the outflowing material is predicted to be mostly ionized, raising the problem of how to maintain sufficient quantities of dense, molecular material in the disk wind and how to account for the SiO maser emission in the bridge regions.

    New Movie Reveals Birth of Super-Suns | Universe Today

  • The gas in the warped outer disk appears in absorption close to the systemic velocity; the outer rings of the warp located at large radii are moving in front of the nuclear radio source." says Willema Baan et al, "Third, an outflowing feature can be seen at the center of the radio source at 100 km/s below the systemic velocity.

    A "Polar Ring" For Christmas… | Universe Today

  • However, the corresponding flow is not considered as outflowing as these rivers do not leave Chinese territory.

    Water profile of China

  • Rivers can be classified in two categories: those discharging into seas (outflowing rivers), and the inland rivers which run to depressions in the interior.

    Water profile of China


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