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  • n. Lack of ego; the state or condition of being egoless.


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egoless +‎ -ness


  • According to all Mahayanists, the Hinayana view of egolessness is trangdon, that is, a partial view.

    Hegel on Buddhism

  • Communism is the external enforcement of egolessness, which is forceful and unproductive.

    by An Xiao

  • Nirvana is where the twofold passions have subsided and the twofold hindrances are cleared away and the twofold egolessness is patiently accepted; is where, by the attainment of the “turning-about” in the deepest seat of consciousness, self-realisation of Noble Wisdom is fully entered into, – that is the Nirvana of the Tathagatas.

    Think Progress » Right-Wing Fringe Rebels Against Palin Over Her Endorsement Of ‘RINO’ McCain

  • DB: There's a certain egolessness in letting other people perform your writing.

    Dylan Brody: Jeanmarie Simpson -- Artivist in the Modern Landscape (Part 2)

  • But penetrating into the actual exerience of egolessness further, it seems that we can discover a world that is open, highly communicative, energetic and without beginning or end -- our energy can shift from defending a sand castle to exploring a vast, profound and magical world.

    David Nichtern: The Discovery of Egolessness

  • "The entire Buddhist path is based on the discovery of egolessness and the maturing of insight or knowledge that comes from egolessness."

    David Nichtern: The Discovery of Egolessness

  • It sometimes happens that the initial discovery of egolessness can lead to a nihilistic view of things -- emptiness being seen as the absence of anything substantial -- nowhere to hang our hat, nobody home, "nothing to get hung about" in the words of the Beatles.

    David Nichtern: The Discovery of Egolessness

  • We request Yamantaka to swing three times round his head his skull - headed bludgeon representing both the wisdom of egolessness, common to both the Perfection and Tantra Vehicles, as well as the nondual wisdom of voidness and bliss.

    The Wheel of Sharp Weapons

  • I have no interest in questioning any person's commitment to their ideals, especially if there is a genuine egolessness in their living.

    Imperfect World, Imperfect Bible

  • Fostering a relationship that allows a state of egolessness.

    Maundy Thursday and what love is


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