from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

  • abbreviation length
  • noun The 12th letter of the modern English alphabet.
  • noun Any of the speech sounds represented by the letter l.
  • noun The 12th in a series.
  • noun Something shaped like the letter L.

from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun An abbreviation of Light Infantry;
  • noun of Licentiate of Instruction;
  • noun of Long Island.
  • noun An abbreviation of Lloyd's Pegister. See Lloyd's and free-board.
  • noun Used colloquially for el., an abbreviation of elevated, shortened from elevated railway.
  • noun abbreviation
  • noun An abbreviation of lira Turca, the Turkish pound;
  • noun of long ton.
  • noun In musical notation, an abbreviation for left hand.
  • A symbol:
  • In chem., l- before certain compounds has reference to their levorotation, as distinguished from dextrorotation (d-) or inaction (i-).
  • In mineralogy, the final letter of the general symbol hkl, given to the face of a crystal in the system of Miller. See symbol, 7.
  • In electricity, the symbol for inductance (which see).
  • In physical, for length: used in formulæ.
  • An abbreviation
  • of Lady;
  • of Lake;
  • of lane;
  • of Latitude;
  • of law;
  • of league or leagues;
  • of leave;
  • in a ship's log-book, of length;
  • of Liberal;
  • of the Latin libra, a pound in weight;
  • of link or links;
  • of liter;
  • of London;
  • of long;
  • of Lord;
  • (aa) of low.
  • noun An abbreviation of Linnean Society;
  • noun of left side.
  • noun An abbreviation of Licentiate in Medicine;
  • noun of Licentiate in Midwifery;
  • noun of long meter.
  • noun A part of a house or other structure projecting at a right angle from the main body, so as to form with it the figure of the letter L: as, the building has an L of 20 feet.
  • noun A rectangularly bent pipe-connection. Also ell in both senses.
  • The twelfth letter and ninth consonant of the English alphabet.
  • A symbol
  • in chem., for lithium: also Li;
  • in Roman numerals, for 50, and with a line drawn above it (L) for 50,000.
  • An abbreviation.
  • [lowercase] in music, of la (in solmization);
  • of Laiin;


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