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  • n. Obsolete spelling of sell.


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  • When Zau al-Makan saw his brother reeling in selle so that he well nigh fell, he despatched cavaliers towards him and the braves hurried to his aid and came up with him.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • Then Gharib took his battle flail and smiting Jamrkan on the wrist, crushed his fingers and the mace dropped from his grasp; whereupon Gharib bent down from his seat in selle and snatching it up, swiftlier than the blinding leven, smote him therewith full on the flat of the ribs, and he fell to the earth like a long-stemmed palm-tree.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • Peletisi valitseb miski võimuhull maag, kes tahab vallutada ka selle väärika kuningriigi, mille maadel elab Talumees.

    In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007)

  • Valisin ta ka selle pärast, et naiste riietus, näoilmed ning kausid-peas on kõik sellele kohale ülitüüpilised.

    tatsutahime Diary Entry

  • Ohverdamiskultus toob kaasa ka selle, et inimesed toetavad ühiskonnakorda, kus mõnedel on teiste arvelt parem - aga kuna peab ohverdama, siis võetakse omaenese soovidest ja heaolust loobumist ning kaasatulevaid kannatusi normina.

    tatsutahime Diary Entry

  • Kuna filmi pealkiri ei hiilga originaalsusega, siis tasub meeles pidada, et filmil pole mingit seost ei Stephen Kingi jutuga «The Boogeyman» (1973), ega ka selle ekraniseeringuga «The Boogeyman» (1982).

    Boogeyman (2005)

  • Ja ma olin õnnelik, kui Fantozzi viskas kivi aknasse - temas oli ju ka mingi varjatud jõud, mis ei luanud tal näha oma naise pisaraid mehe alandamisel piljardimängus, see jõud, mis pani ta tookord võitma, pani ta ka selle kivi haarama.

    tatsutahime Diary Entry

  • Then, too, "with an easy smile," there is a suspicion that some Indian blood runs in Mam'selle's veins.

    A Little Girl in Old Detroit

  • Some girl, for there was gossip even in those days, had said that Mam'selle's lover had proved false to her, and married some one else in one of the southern cities.

    A Little Girl in Old Detroit

  • The December $22.50 puts were particularly active, but the contracts appeared to attract a decent mix of buyers and selle rs.

    Amid Spill, Traders Look to Clean Up on Oil Stocks


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