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  • noun The letter n.
  • noun Printing A space equal to half the width of an em.

from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun A common adverbial or prepositional prefix, representing Latin in-, meaning primarily ‘in’ or ‘into.’
  • noun The name of the letter N, n. It is rarely written, the symbol N, n, being used instead.
  • noun In printing, a space half as wide as an em, sometimes used as a standard in reckoning the amount of a compositor's work. See em, 2.
  • noun An adverbial or prepositional prefix of Greek origin, meaning primarily ‘in’: chiefly in scientific or technical words of modern formation, as in encephalon, enanthema, etc.
  • noun A feminine suffix, of which only a few relics exist in native English words, as, for example, vixen, from Anglo-Saxon fyxen (= German füchsin), a female fox: in some instances regarded as having a diminutive force, as in maiden, from Anglo-Saxon mægden, etc. See vixen, maiden, and compare elfin.
  • noun A suffix forming adjectives from nouns of material, as ashen, ashen, earthen, oaken, wooden, golden, sometimes simply -n, as cedarn, eldern, silvern, etc.
  • noun The plural suffix of a few nouns, as oxen, brethren, children, and (archaic and poetical) eyne or een (= eyen), kine (= kyen), shoon, dial. hosen, housen, peasen, etc.
  • noun A suffix of various other origins besides those mentioned above: often ultimately identical with -an (Latin -anus), as in citizen, denizen, dozen, etc., but having also, as in often, midden, etc., other sources ascertainable upon reference to the word concerned.
  • noun Abbreviations of encyclopedia.
  • noun A termination of various origin, used in the formation of verbs.

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  • noun (Print.) Half an em, that is, half of the unit of space in measuring printed matter. See em.

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  • abbreviation English
  • noun The name of the Latin script letter N/n.
  • noun typography A unit of measurement equal to half of an em (half of the height of the type in use).
  • preposition Used in various phrases borrowed from French (see "Derived terms" below).

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  • noun half the width of an em


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The name of the letter comes from Latin en. Typographic sense 1793.

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From French


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  • Though she denies the liaison, she says of him that there was not "_en ce siècle-là de son sexe et de sa qualité rien de semblable en valeur, reputation, grace, et esprit_."

    Bussy D'Ambois and The Revenge of Bussy D'Ambois George Chapman

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    Fray Luis de León A Biographical Fragment James Fitzmaurice-Kelly

  • [177] I have found a notice of a similar case in France, during the sixteenth century, in Montaigne's _Journal du Voyage en Italie en_ 1850

    Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 2 Sexual Inversion Havelock Ellis 1899

  • Fifteen years have passed away, and these old people, no doubt, have joined their ancestors; but I can see them still sitting in that _salle à manger_; the _buffets en vieux chêne_; the opulent candelabra _en style d'empire_; the waiter lighting the gas in the pale Parisian evening.

    Confessions of a Young Man 1892

  • She was his, as the French say, "_en droit, mais pas encore en jouissance! _"

    Patsy 1887

  • [7] I thus attempt to convey the emphasis of the words _ouk en sarki pepoithotes_, which is not precisely as if he had written _en sarki_.

    Philippian Studies Lessons in Faith and Love from St. Paul's Epistle to the Philippians 1880

  • Entonces pensé en mi mujer y en mi hija, ¡en ti y en tu madre, hija mía!

    Novelas Cortas Pedro Antonio de Alarc��n 1862

  • I understood the currency question --- Calais en gros, and Calais _en dtail, _ forgive one who has deeply wronged you.

    The Uncommercial Traveller 1861


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  • In Japanese aesthetic vocabulary: exquisite to the point of fascination.

    October 30, 2008