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  • n. Plural form of anchorman.


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  • The anchormen were the pivot points of American culture and that just doesn't exist right now and whether it's Roberts or anyone else the network nightly newscasts do not even command the bulk of the audience every day now.

    CNN Transcript Nov 28, 2004

  • Slate, this isn't exactly true: there were earlier "anchormen" on television, even if they didn't play quite the same coordinating role as Cronkite and his emulators.

    Visual Thesaurus : Online Edition

  • "It was definitely a lot different having more of us girls than there are anchormen," Heatherton said of Friday's appearance.

    Victoria's Secret Model Talks 'Strange' 'Fox & Friends' Appearance (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

  • True, Olbermann and Patrick would also make plenty of references to pop culture, but the references came across as charmingly haughty, as if the anchormen were showing us that they had interests that extended beyond the court or field.

    The Enthusiast

  • Along with Chet Huntley and David Brinkley on NBC, Mr. Cronkite was among the first celebrity anchormen.

    Walter Cronkite -- 1916-2009

  • He was so widely known that in Sweden anchormen were once called Cronkiters.

    Walter Cronkite -- 1916-2009

  • Some candidates are local anchormen—they're working hard, they're pros, but they lack the patina, the national sense.

    Someone Had a Good Week

  • The public will see significant success achieved, and those who are fearful of the reform, colored by lies and misstatements by the Tea Party zealots, will be schooled properly by anchormen Brian Williams, Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer, the Today Show and Meet The Press or newspapers like the New York Times and The Washington Post as to how it will affect them, well before November's mid-term elections.

    Michael Russnow: Re Brown's Victory, Message to Obama: Making Nice Doesn't Work, Time to Play Hardball!

  • Synthetic entertainment happiness can only be spread so thin before the pinch, pain, spurting arteries of public carnage show up in the street in front of eyes instead of being sanitized by news at 11: 00 anchormen.

    Stephen Herrington: The Unemployed Are Not Lazy, Republicans Are

  • "Old anchormen don't go away, they keep coming back for more," Walter Cronkite said in his last broadcast, as the Observer's Felix Gillette reminded his Twitter followers this morning.

    Koppel to This Week, Or Not


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