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  • Things which have been cast out; ejecta; refuse.


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  • All substances thrown out by the volcano, whether gaseous, liquid or solid, are conveniently united under the term ejectamenta (Latin, things thrown out), and all of them are in an intensely heated, if not an incandescent state.

    The San Francisco calamity by earthquake and fire

  • These may have been the ejectamenta of a whirlwind.

    The Book of the Damned

  • The interstratification of loam and volcanic ejectamenta was probably occasioned by the fluviatile mud having gradually enveloped the cones of loose scoriae after they were completely formed.

    The Antiquity of Man

  • The rivers have even in some cases, as the Sioule, near Chalucet, cut through not only the basalt which dispossessed them of their ancient channels, but have actually eaten 50 feet into the subjacent gneiss; yet the cone, an incoherent heap of scoriae and spongy ejectamenta, stands unmolested.

    The Antiquity of Man

  • They are all embedded in a light porous tuff, resembling in colour and mineral composition the ejectamenta of several of the latest eruptions of Denise.

    The Antiquity of Man

  • _e. g._, by wind-transported dust from the land or volcanic ejectamenta in the ocean depths.

    The Birth-Time of the World and Other Scientific Essays


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  • Ejectamenta refers to material ejected from a volcano. I wonder if "volcano" being used metaphorically here...?

    January 17, 2009

  • Opinions of value can clash-

    My gold to you is dust and ash

    And your ejectamenta

    Turns my impedimenta

    If left to tempt me in your trash.

    September 14, 2015