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  • n. Plural form of embodiment.


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  • Venice and Florence were described as embodiments of the political thought of the ancients.


  • Who thinks Milton wanted merely to be part of a great "collective formation," no matter how devout his religious or political beliefs, or that Paradise Lost, one of the greatest "embodiments" of "values, beliefs, and ideas" in all of literature, is not first and foremost, is not primarily, a great "personal vision"?

    Philosophy and Literature

  • As Ahlstrom wryly observed, these civic embodiments of religious sentiment were not forced upon an unresponsive people by a few pious political leaders.

    American Grace

  • So full scope rule limits embodiments to extant technologies.

    IPSC: final plenary

  • Copyright protects not tangible objects but underlying works, existing apart from embodiments.

    WIPIP at Seton Hall part 4

  • If, however, we bear in mind that the value of commodities has a purely social reality, and that they acquire this reality only in so far as they are expressions or embodiments of one identical substance, viz., human labour, it follows as a matter of course, that value can only manifest itself in the social relation of commodity to commodity.

    skzbrust: Capital Volume 1 Part 1 Chapter 1 Section 3

  • Jang's "contraptions" are now no longer stylized displays of flaring raw power, but instead semi-mechanical embodiments of the viewer, forging associations with the essential dynamics of the human body: vibration, flow, breath and contractions.

    Bill Bush: Between Death and Reincarnation: This Artweek.LA (June 6 - 12)

  • Literature is inherently neither "positive" nor "ennobling," and the "danger" it poses is not to be found in the printed embodiments of "someone else's ideas" but in the reading experience itself, the complacency of which is threatened by works of literature that seek to reconfigure perceptions of the literary.

    Saying Something

  • Mr. Dial's worn, multivalent components are equally important as formal elements and potent metaphors, embodying variously, depending on how they are deployed, such notions as trapped figures, allusions to quilt-making, homages to African-Americans, references to despoiled nature, paeans to survival and embodiments of the passage of time, among many other subtle ideas.

    Biography, History, Self-Evident Beauty

  • All in all, she might turn and check him out if he passed her on the street, but he was nothing like the other magnificent embodiments of Aidan.

    Dreams of a Dark Warrior


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