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  • n. The act of embodying or the state of being embodied.
  • n. One that embodies: "The flag is the embodiment, not of sentiment, but of history” ( Woodrow Wilson).

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  • n. a physical entity typifying an abstraction

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  • n. The act of embodying; the state of being embodied.
  • n. That which embodies or is embodied; representation in a physical body; a completely organized system, like the body

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  • n. Investment with or manifestation through an animate body; incarnation; bodily presentation: as, metempsychosis is the supposed embodiment of previously existing souls in new forms; she is an embodiment of all the virtues.
  • n. A bringing into or presentation in or through a form; formal expression or manifestation; formulation: as, the embodiment of principles in a treatise.
  • n. Collection or formation into an aggregate body; organization; an aggregate whole; incorporation; concentration: as, the embodiment of troops into battalions, brigades, divisions, etc.; the embodiment of a country's laws.

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  • n. a new personification of a familiar idea
  • n. a concrete representation of an otherwise nebulous concept
  • n. giving concrete form to an abstract concept


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From embody + -ment.


  • Actually, your "lobsters", and those I'm familiar with are a unique product of nature wherein a parasitic mushroom (Hypomyces lactifluorum) "engulfs" a host mushroom (thought to usually be a Russula or Lactauius), and in its final embodiment, is known as Hypomyces lactifluorum.

    Mex Mushrooms?

  • The naturalness of this co-embodiment is perhaps the play's most violent re-writing of contemporary colonial conflict.

    Through Colonial Spectacles: the Irish Vizier and the Female-Knight in James Cobb

  • It looks at deep philosophical issues of "embodiment" - whether you need to move around in the world to acquire language or the jargon of a specialist field-that have major implications for the field of artificial intelligence and computer learning.

    The Chicago Blog

  • Because of the viewpoint that will soon be adopted with respect to this character, A will come to refer less to a thing than to an embodiment, that is to a hole of a different type, one that is continuously filled with combinations of sense data and emptied out again by forgetting

    Every Thing is a Hole in a Thing That It Is Not (A Theoretical Fiction)

  • In Yoga and its companion science, Ayurvedic medicine, the first learning of your embodiment is the means to identify your specific body type because every body is different.

    Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar

  • Only the other day I heard a paper read in which he was described as the embodiment of a healthy mentality.

    Later Articles and Reviews

  • F property is defined as the embodiment, or storage of information encoded in a symbolic language encoded in a symbolic language.

    Bits and Pieces of an RNA World

  • The embodiment was a special web browser that displayed and projected multiple pages in cube form, where each internal facet displayed a web page.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • This sense of corporeal dis-possession is perhaps no more strongly evident than in Schelling's decision to characterize individual embodiment, which is to say the point of maximal particularization at the farthest distance from the universal affairs of spirit, in terms of an originary craving or addiction [die Sucht].

    Mourning Becomes Theory: Schelling and the Absent Body of Philosophy

  • Furthermore, the Church is described as the Body, that is, the embodiment, of Christ: the instrument or organ whereby the Spirit of

    Religious Reality


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