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  • n. The act or an instance of exhibiting.
  • n. Something exhibited; an exhibit.
  • n. A large-scale public showing, as of art objects or industrial or agricultural products.
  • n. Chiefly British A grant given to a scholar by a school or university.

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  • n. An instance of exhibiting, or something exhibited.
  • n. A large scale public showing of objects or products.
  • n. A financial award or prize given to a student (who becomes an exhibitioner) by a school or university, usually on the basis of academic merit.

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  • n. The act of exhibiting for inspection, or of holding forth to view; manifestation; display.
  • n. That which is exhibited, held forth, or displayed; also, any public show; a display of works of art, or of feats of skill, or of oratorical or dramatic ability
  • n. Sustenance; maintenance; allowance, esp. for meat and drink; pension.
  • n. The act of administering a remedy.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The act of exhibiting or displaying for inspection; a showing or presenting to view.
  • n. The producing or showing of titles, authorities, or papers of any kind before a tribunal, in proof of facts; hence, in Scots law, an action for compelling delivery of writings.
  • n. That which is exhibited; a show; especially, a public show or display, as of natural or artificial productions, or of personal performances: as, an international or universal exhibition (of productions and manufactures); a school exhibition; an athletic or dramatic exhibition.
  • n. In medicine, the act of administering as a remedy: as, the exhibition of stimulants.
  • n. An allowance for subsistence; a provision of money or other things; stipend; pension.
  • n. Hence A benefaction settled for the maintenance of scholars in English universities, not depending on the foundation: in Scotland called a bursary.
  • n. Synonyms Exhibition, Exhibit, Exposition, Exposure, Exposé; manifestation. Exhibition is more general than exhibit, the latter expressing sometimes a section of the former. As contrasted with exposition, exhibition deals more often with visible things and exposition with things mental: as, an exhibition of machinery; an exposition of a text or doctrine of philosophy. Hence in part, perhaps, the disinclination of some to use exposition for a show. This new and French use of exposition, so far as it prevails, is limited to a large or international exhibition, a “world's fair.” Exposure expresses a laying open (as exposure to the sun, or a southern exposure), especially in some undesirable way, as to danger, unpleasant observation, etc. Exposé is not far from being synonymous with exhibit, being a formal exhibition of facts in detail for the information of those concerned, and sometimes the revelation in detail of things that it was desirable to keep secret: as, an exposé of certain tricks of the trade.

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  • n. a collection of things (goods or works of art etc.) for public display
  • n. the act of exhibiting


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From Old French exhibicion.


  • The director of Códice Gallery which hosted the exhibition has defended Vargas' "conceptual art, a work that leaves a social message" and went on to say that the dog had not been mistreated, it ate and drank regularly, and finally was allowed to escape back to the streets from where it was taken at the end of the exhibition*.

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • First, the newly opened Gauguin exhibition is stunning and simply impossible to miss (it has been described by the Times as the show of the season -- in fact of the whole year).

    ARTINFO: ARTINFO UK's Guide to Frieze Week 2010

  • The women of American football's newly created Lingerie Football League are putting a new twist on the term exhibition match.

    National Nine News

  • This exhibition is the first in London of Gauguin's work for over 50 years, he said.

    Tate Modern Exhibition Makes a Fresh Case for Gauguin

  • This exhibition is a response to the enormous impact and enduring cultural significance of his work, following his death in spring 2009.

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  • Certainly the climax of the exhibition is the sequence of paintings that deal with key episodes in the Ramayana, that centerpiece of Indian culture and religion — for want of a better word.

    Garden and Cosmos

  • Featured in the exhibition is a painting of Hotei asking "What is the sound of one hand?" along with 17 other depictions of the bumbling monk as everyman: sleeping, meditating, riding in a boat, shouldering a large mallet, and -- most unusual of all -- floating as a kite in mid-air.

    The Sound Of One Hand: Paintings Of Zen Master Hakuin Showcased In New Exhbition (PHOTOS)

  • Documented with a rich resource of historical information, the exhibition is a fine example of what a museum like LACMA should be doing at its best, bringing the past to life and allowing us the opportunity to experience that particular moment in human history through the objects that its people made and left behind them.

    Peter Clothier: Big Day at LACMA

  • For fans of her work, this exhibition is an opportunity to really “get to know” Irene.

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  • This exhibition is a test of New York's conceptual sophistication on one level, and a test of New York's tolerance on another.

    Noah Becker: Dan Colen at Gagosian Revisited


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