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  • v. Present participle of embroider.
  • n. An embroidered decoration.


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  • Bessie, who could do all kinds of beautiful needlework, was busily engaged in embroidering and stitching every spare minute on the little garments that I did not even care to look at.

    Madeleine: An Autobiography

  • These, so far as I could observe, consisted largely in embroidering mourning pieces, with a family monument in the centre, a green ground worked in chenille and floss silk, with an exuberant willow-tree, and a number of weeping mourners, whose faces were often concealed by flowing pocket-handkerchiefs.

    Oldtown Folks

  • And now, when I am at work from morning to evening, I can never do anything right if my chair is not in the same place, directly opposite the light, Fortunately, I am neither right nor left handed, but can use both hands equally well at embroidering, which is a great help to me, for it is not everyone who can do that.

    The Dream

  • But distorting or 'embroidering' the facts adds sensationalism and sells stories ... and unfortunately it appears that the greater part of the industry is driven by the obsession to sell papers and capture audiences a gossip by any other name...

    Responsible journalism. Or not.

  • While I didn't staple my head, I did take a needle and thread through the very top layer of the skin on my hand, effectively "embroidering" myself. what's new online!

  • All hand-stitching, and embroidering, and fancy work she does in the deck-chair beside me.


  • Juan Davis , owner of Fast Lane Clothing Co. in Tampa, Fla., said lowering corporate taxes would help his clothing manufacturing and embroidering business grow.

    Private Ideas on How to Create Jobs

  • Elena Reyes Remigio shows off a men's shirt she's embroidering.

    Elena Reyes Remigio shows off a men's shirt she's embroidering. The embroidery artisanry of Cocucho, Michoacan, is legendary. © Travis Whitehead, 2009

  • My numbed love life with its two mad needles embroidering their rose, piercing and tugging at their tapestry, their bloody tattoo somewhere behind my navel treading that morass of emblazon.

    John Lundberg: Remembering Sylvia Plath

  • The 28-year-old former Army captain says he is now applying the knowledge he gained from the program—such as how to incorporate a business and develop a customer basis—toward a start-up, called Designing Freedom LLC, that specializes in embroidering logos that use a military-style camouflage-pattern onto T-shirts, thermals and other apparel.

    Military Veterans Prepare for a New Role


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