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  • noun A Middle English form of eam. Chaucer.

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  • noun obsolete An uncle.

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  • noun An uncle.
  • noun Scotland friend.


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Middle English eam, eme ("uncle"), from Old English ēam ("uncle"). See eam.


  • Tychicus to them to relieve their anxiety concerning him; hina de ` eidete kai ` umeis, but that ye also may know, i.e. you as well as other Christian friends who had manifested solicitude about me in my bonds; ta ` kat 'eme', the things which concern me, i.e. my circumstances; ti 'pra'sso; not what I do, for that they knew already; but how I do.

    A Commentary on the Epistle to the Ephesians

  • The word "eme" signifies uncle, and the saying -- its claims as a proverb are small enough -- means that a person may have many relations but very few friends among them.

    The Proverbs of Scotland

  • Being part of the Sierra Madre Oriental, La m or the "eme" (the pronunciation of the letter "m" in Spanish) is a figure located on top of the mountain chain, in the state of Nuevo León, México. - Articles related to Mexico sees sense in war on drugs

  • I am in the midst of reading your book and just passed the page where you reference “rue de Vaugirard” – when I was 15 my family and I were expats and lived in Paris for a year and lived in the 15 eme on rue de Vaugirard!

    words of wisdom

  • The prospect that the gold isn't locked up in central-bank vaults as investors thought and that it may, in an extr eme case, be seized and sold on the open market by the BIS gave some investors pause.

    Central Banks Swap Tons of Gold to Raise Cash, Surprising Market

  • Many argue it ' s a no-lose situation, where even if bond prices fall because of inflation pressures, rising eme rging-market currencies will still provide them a profit.

    Emerging Wild Card: Inflation

  • Lemamorago le re bontsha gore bahumi bo rameepo ba eme mogodimo magetla a baayi ba Afrika borwa ba eleng badiri mo meepong ba baneetseng matshelo a bone moserameng, molefifing, le mo mogoteng go direla lemme la (madi) chelete gotsidisa masika le bana.

    Speech by Mokgothu Seadimo during the debate on the Minerals & Energy budget vote

  • And naturally anyone with a bit of grey matter can see that eme then must be a seperate element here, possibly a verb.

    Archive 2007-07-01

  • And naturally anyone with a bit of grey matter can see that eme then must be a seperate element here, possibly a verb.

    Voodoo linguistics in Etruscology: the imaginary word 'naceme'

  • Excus eme for being nosy, but what were your reasons for taking the silver ring pledge in the first place?

    Wow, How Appropriate Is This Post? « UDreamOfJanie


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  • Specifically your mother's brother; your maternal uncle. Same as eam.

    December 17, 2017