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  • n. fear of vomiting


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  • Dutch dutchphobia duty or responsibility (neglect of) paralipophobia electricity electrophobia emetics, vomiting emetophobia empty rooms/spaces or voids kenophobia enclosed spaces clithrophobia

    pangsuan Diary Entry

  • The 16-year-old jotted them down two years back before beginning exposure therapy for an emetophobia, or severe fear of vomiting.

    The Seattle Times

  • Before that, his emetophobia worsened over three years, despite medical, homeopathic and talk treatments.

    The Seattle Times

  • My jitter-inducing emetophobia - fear of vomiting, thanks - stems from a terror of the stomach suddenly going freelance and ejecting its contents while I'm trying to impress someone over dinner.

    The Guardian World News

  • But did you know that she: Suffers from emetophobia, or the fear of vomiting.

    Latest News

  • Stress management Im 16. my mom has been sleeping a lot. i have ocd & have emetophobia. i immediatley assumed she had the flu. she hasnt been eating. im basing my assumption on a big fear & limited information. is she sick?

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  • JM is sick of emetophobia and all that it brings up.

    April 24, 2010