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  • v. Obsolete form of incite.


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  • The corelation between people who actually commit violence and those who encite it did not excape even his feeble mind.

    Think Progress » Chris Wallace Calls The Perpetually Wrong Bill Kristol An ‘Expert’ On Iraq

  • The ONLY reason I would have to oppose the burning is that it would encite more Muslim proteges, encourage more wacko recruits, and put our troops in danger.

    Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local

  • All this does is encite further anger toward the Music Industry.


  • I wonder how much these guys get paid to come over on these blogs and either try to deter people from some truth or try to encite them to revolt so the gov can get their excuse for a takeover, i hate fuckin plants, spouting up all over the goddam place

    Alex Jones' Prison

  • Mexico is a country with prohibitive gun laws, with no enforcement of this ban. the rights of the American citizen should never be subjugated by what another country does or does not do. false assumptions from Mr Holder do nothing but encite the law abiding citizen.


  • Stewart and Colbert don’t call for a violent overthrow of the government or encite racism.

    Think Progress » Beck admits he doesn’t give ‘a flying crap about the political process. … We’re an entertainment company.’

  • At the time, no one understood that both Heston and LaPierre were reading from carefully written speeches designed to please and encite the NRA’s constituency.


  • i will proudly announce my visits, posts and opinions as a free american citizen anywhere which i wish. my rights are endowed by my creator and he has not relinquished them. we do not hate, wish to kill, with to encite race or incite further hate but we are awaiting the arrival of our savior, I AM, YHWH and all will be as it should be. best be to youllllllllllllll



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  • Kinda pretty though.

    September 1, 2008