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  • n. A play in bridge that forces an opponent to lead and results in the opponents' losing one or more tricks that they would have won had they not been leading.
  • transitive v. To force (a bridge opponent) to lead disadvantageously.

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  • n. A tactical play in which a defender is put on lead at a strategic moment, and then has to make a play that loses one or more tricks
  • v. To make an endplay


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end +‎ play


  • She could discard one spade, but if she discarded another declarer would make his last two spades; if North threw the winning heart, ace and a spade would endplay her to lead away from the ace of clubs; finally, a club discard would allow declarer to duck a club to the now-bare ace.

    Young, void and bidding

  • Back in the old days of 2002 I used to think that the point was to create an endplay in which the exclusionary rule, right to counsel, and such “had to be sacrificed” on the altar of our safety.

    I Said I Said What I Said | ATTACKERMAN

  • He claimed that in good old fashion Twilight Zone esque endplay, Jack is kind of aborsed and taken away from the hotel and his current life when he dies after being driven mad by the hotel, who never wants residents to check out and is then locked into the photograph at the end, trapped in a forever single moment of time at the overlook ball.

    Final Shot: THE SHINING | Obsessed With Film

  • “Half a dummy reversal and half an endplay,” observed Oscar the Owl.


  • First he argued that in the three-card endplay he was squeezed in hearts and clubs.


  • He cannot avoid executing a squeeze or an endplay.


  • To beat the contract I had to foresee the endplay and give up a trick in trumps so as to gain two in hearts.


  • To make the contract South had to call for dummy's jack, cash his other spade tricks and lead a club to West's nine for an endplay.

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  • KJ75x, declarer would easily make the contract: the run of red-suit winners would force West to retain three spades and the singleton ace of clubs, whereupon a second spade finesse and a club exit would endplay West to allow a third spade finesse.

    The Guardian World News

  • She discusses the The Na'vi, Pandora's gigantic blue humanoid inhabitants, who form your opposition for most of the game - though, towards the end, you choose to side with one race or the other - and your decision radically alters the game's endplay.

    IGN PS3


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