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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of enfranchise.
  • adj. emancipated

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  • adj. endowed with the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote.

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  • adj. endowed with the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote


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  • A general synod can alone consummate the union of the churches; nor can such a synod be held till the three Oriental patriarchs, and a great number of bishops, are enfranchised from the Mahometan yoke.

    The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

  • The slaves, who were liberated by a generous master, immediately entered into the middle class of libertines or freedmen; but they could never be enfranchised from the duties of obedience and gratitude; whatever were the fruits of their industry, their patron and his family inherited the third part; or even the whole of their fortune, if they died without children and without a testament.

    The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

  • (whom we will therefore call enfranchised burghers) are in like manner of two kinds.

    Renaissance in Italy, Volume 1 (of 7) The Age of the Despots

  • Nowadays, women who are doing much work out in the big world -- the so-called "enfranchised" women -- are many of them proving that they find housework no detriment to their careers and some even admit that they enjoy it.

    American Cookery November, 1921

  • The 1857 Act to Encourage the Gradual Civilization of Indian Tribes that "enfranchised" men over 21 who met specific criteria, not only stripped them of their Indian status, but that of their wives and children as well.


  • Under such a system, every citizen including the 50 million who are now unregistered would be automatically enfranchised.

    Curtis Gans: A Proposed Solution to Voter ID Controversy

  • For myself, there was one reward I promised myself from my detested toils — one consolation for my unparalleled sufferings; it was the prospect of that day when, enfranchised from my miserable slavery, I might claim Elizabeth, and forget the past in my union with her.

    Chapter 18

  • Now he has been forced to concede that only those sentenced to less than a year should be enfranchised.

    Votes for prisoners: Bang to rights | Editorial

  • Bismarck taught the king to bury the Prussian towns in an ­avalanche of votes from newly enfranchised and resentful peasants, who he rallied with demagogic rhetoric, calling the perfectly reasonable Prussian liberals "loafers, freebooters, all sorts of scum."

    The Shrewdest of the Shrewd

  • The central event in Belgium's story, he argues, was the extension of voting rights in 1893, which enfranchised hundreds of thousands of previously-powerless Flemish peasants.

    A House Long Divided


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