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  • Mr. Kirk said the president has directed him to "immediately intensify engag ement" with the two countries to resolve outstanding issues as soon as possible.

    Korea Trade Deal to Reach Congress in Weeks

  • This is hardly surprising since all the hopeful talk about "engag [ing] in a conversation with America that seeks to remove ideological filters, addresses the realities we are confronting, and speaks to the challenges our citizens are facing" gave way rather quickly to "No!"

    Wanted: real Republican ideas

  • Many Winter Soldiers (2008) "discussed the pervasiveness of racist behavior," admitted using racial epithets, and "engag (ing) in brutality that dehumanized Iraqis and Afghanis."

    Printing: Reviewing Marjorie Cohn and Kathleen Gilberd's "Rules of Disengagement"

  • A promising but complicating aspect to the approach Clinton hopes to take is her interest in bypassing ministries and "engag [ing] civil society" directly "to strengthen the foundations needed to support good governance, free elections, and a free press, wider educational opportunities, stronger healthcare systems, religious tolerance, and human rights."

    Alex Pasternack: Can Hillary Forge a Climate Treaty With China?

  • They probably thought it was heroic to keep up their sham engag ...

    Holly Schlesinger: Tripp Palin: Was I A Mistake?

  • “Terrorism” is defined as “kill (ing) or inflict (ing) great bodily harm on one or more protected persons, or intentionally engag (ing) in an act that evinces a wanton disregard for human life ....”


  • Whether the government intends to proceed on this, or on the other leg of the “terrorism” definition (“intentionally engag (ing) in an act that evinces a wanton disregard for human life”), it once more runs up against the principle of legality/ex post facto prohibition, because any such training or targeting of military objectives was not a violation before the MCA made it so.


  • That "into its 10th year (Chavez's) government has consolidated power by eliminating the independence of the judiciary, punish (ed) critical news organizations, and engag (ed) in wide-ranging acts of political discrimination against opponents."

    New Coup D'Etat Rumblings in Venezuela

  • With Bush's approval ratings in the sewer, and a new poll by right-wing direct mail dean Richard Viguerie reflecting conservative discontent with Bush's supposedly "moderate" tilt (apparently Genghis Khan has become the new standard bearer of conservative ideology), the Bush Justice Department is suing Southern Illinois University for "engag [ing] in a pattern or practice of intentional discrimination against whites, non-preferred minorities and males."

    Max Blumenthal: Bush's DoJ Fights Racism -- Against White Men

  • Even a poor writer if he has a sympathetic reader and an engag - ing plot -- can evoke complete internal imagery with a few dozen words of description.

    True Names


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