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  • n. The act of engrafting or something engrafted


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  • Expansion of both HSCs and HPCs are essential, since the committed progenitors give rise to an immediate short term engraftment where as the primitive

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  • These cells sustained superior long term engraftment and an efficient regeneration of major lympho-myeloid lineages in the bone marrow of NOD/SCID mouse compared to the cells expanded with growth factors alone.

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  • Choi CW, Kim BS, Seo JH, Shin SW, Kim YH, Kim JS (2001) Long term engraftment stability of peripheral blood stem cells cryopreserved using the dump-freezing method in a − 80 degrees C mechanical freezer with 10\% dimethyl sulfoxide.

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  • Of the 29 mice that were transplanted with single human stem cells, five gave rise to human cells, indicating that a pure population of cells was achieved and that these cells reconstituted myeloid, B-cell, and T-cell lineages for 18 weeks; this duration is considered long-term engraftment in mouse studies.


  • This lack of long-term engraftment may reflect transduction of a more mature progenitor cell incapable of continuous self-renewal.

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  • We have shown that despite expansion of the HSC compartment, SHIP deficient mice have reduced long-term engraftment capacity and have an altered homing capacity due to reductions in key chemotaxis and adhesion receptors

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  • When laboratory mice were injected with these cells, they would acquire the leukemia—a process known as engraftment because it was akin to transferring a piece of normal tissue a graft from one animal to another.

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  • Postnatal booster injections increase engraftment after in utero stem cell transplantation.

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  • Crombleholme TM, Harrison MR, Zanjani ED: Transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells in utero: The role of donor T-cells in engraftment and the development of GVHD.

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  • Engraftment Monitoring (Chimerism) testing is performed to assess the % of donor engraftment.



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