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  • adj. Of, pertaining to, or as a consequence of entropy.


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  • The opposite of this mode is the ironic or satiric mode, which I call entropic history, from the physical sciences, or nihilism, or, in the usage of certain old legends, the story of the fall.

    Archive 2008-03-01

  • Ecological tax reform — shift tax base from value added (labor and capital) and on to “that to which value is added”, namely the entropic throughput of resources extracted from nature (depletion), and returned to nature (pollution).

    From a Failed Growth Economy to a Steady-State Economy

  • It's called the entropic idea, and it's not - it's - it may be right.


  • It uses a so called entropic prior which has a parameter z that controls the order (if positive) or disorder (if negative) of the HMM model.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • I wonder if it is simply because these natural causes are "entropic" in nature that the CSI decreases?

    A Familiar Battle- But This One in Asia

  • Numerous authors have followed up this suggestion and the "entropic" theory of time asymmetry remains a much debated topic in the philosophy of time.

    Philosophy of Statistical Mechanics

  • Jim Kazanjian's Untitled works seek to produce an "entropic" series of images.


  • (in the vernacular sense) of nature, such as entropic processes, particle interactions, etc. (including selection) are parallel to, very much like, or even the same as Dawkins 'purpose.

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • Therefore the strength of the “entropic” attack is that it manipulates us to respond in lengthy and dry form.

    Climate Change and Argumentative Fallacies

  • The desert blues is well represented, with turns from Terakaft and the great Tinariwen, whose entropic blues licks and loping rhythms have proved irresistible to all who seek a rawness in their music.

    This week's new live music


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