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  • noun In botany, the outer skin of fruits, the fleshy substance or edible portion being termed the mesocarp, and the inner portion the endocarp. See cut under endocarp.

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  • (Bot.) The external or outermost layer of a fructified or ripened ovary. See Illust. under endocarp.

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  • noun botany Exocarp.

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  • noun outermost layer of the pericarp of fruits as the skin of a peach or grape


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epi- + Ancient Greek καρπός ("fruit").


  • OED 2nd edition: epicanthus epicardium epicarp but no epicaricacy.

    Giving evidence to the Chilcot inquiry, Tony Blair said: “I...

  • The fruit's outer coat (epicarp) is peeled, pulp is sliced off the stony "seed" (endocarp), sun-dried, ground, mixed with blood to a brown, sticky, fibrous mixture (lokot) and eaten or sold in markets (Turkana).

    Chapter 7

  • Eight humans - all but Gren - hurled themselves among the feathery leafage on its back, stabbing deep into the epicarp to wound its rudimentary nervous system.


  • HARDMAN, R. and SOFOWORA, E.A. (1971) Effect of enzymes on the yield of steroidal sapogenin from the epicarp and mesocarp of Balanites aegyptiaca fruit.

    Chapter 5

  • The next layer of the pericarp is the mesocarp (Figs. 333, 334, 335), the cells of which are larger and more regular in outline than the epicarp.

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  • Surface view of _ep_, epicarp, and _p_, outer parenchyma of mesocarp. x160.

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  • The cells of the epicarp are broad and polygonal, sometimes regularly four-sided, about 15-35 µ broad.

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  • At intervals along the surface of the epicarp are stomata, or breathing pores, surrounded by guard cells.

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  • Mooden Sheriff ascribes its emetic properties to the pulp alone, the epicarp and seeds being inactive according to his authority.

    The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines

  • This, however, is only a fleshy outer rind -- epicarp -- which, as it ripens, opens into two equal parts, when within is seen a spherical polished nut, surrounding an aril, the mace, which is of a bright yellow colour.

    In the Eastern Seas


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