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  • n. seed dispersal via transportation on the outside of vertebrate animals (mostly mammals)


From epi- +‎zoo- + -chory. (Wiktionary)


  • First, seeds can be transported on the outside of animals, a process known as epizoochory.

    Seed dispersal

  • Ducks – particularly herbivorous species such as pochards – have proven to be highly important transporters of aquatic plants, both as seeds stuck to their feathers or feet (a form of transport known as epizoochory), and as propagules carried in the bird’s gut (a form of transport known as endozoochory).

    The Madagascar pochard returns


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  • (n): dispersal of plant disseminules via adhesion to animals or their fur.

    It is rumored that "velcro" was invented by one who investigated why cockleburs could stick so tight to one's clothing.

    cf. sticktights

    January 1, 2009