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  • noun Plural form of epizootic.


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  • Clinicians should patient can causing epizootics fluprofen re was fluprostenol water.

    Rudy: Iraq Is "In The Hands Of Other People"

  • Such disturbances played a crucial role in maintaining inland forest structure, species composition, and ecosystem processes (e.g., species interactions, epizootics, plant species adaptations to fire, nutrient cycling, succession).

    Eastern Cascades forests

  • Primary disturbance events include fire (various intensities and frequencies) and epizootics.

    Blue Mountains forests

  • Other evidence also points to temperature as an important driver of coral epizootics.

    Coral reefs and climate change

  • The Blue Mountains have received the most attention regarding forest health because of recent increases in conflagrations and epizootics.

    Blue Mountains forests

  • The increase in water table from agricultural irrigation, beetle epizootics, and the effects of Hurricane Andrew damaged part of the remaining stands.

    South Florida rocklands

  • However, not all coral epizootics are caused by anomalously high temperature.

    Coral reefs and climate change

  • These problems include forest simplification, removal of older trees with their structural and genetic resistance, loss of natural firebreaks such old growth patches with sparse understories and moist riparian vegetation, replanting schemes using genetically-similar seedlings of a single tree species, and intensive application of pesticides that also destroys natural predators on epizootics.

    Sierra Nevada forests

  • Forest simplification and fire suppression together contribute to greatly increased probabilities of catastrophic fires and increased frequencies and severity of widespread mortality from epizootics such as bark beetles and fungal pathogens.

    Sierra Nevada forests

  • On hearing about the epizootics, my uncle looked intently at my tutor and made a sound between a snort and a laugh.

    The Wife


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  • "he had epizootics in his thorax"

    July 6, 2009