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  • noun Any of various circus skills involving balance or equilibrium, such as juggling, tightrope walking, or riding a unicycle.


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  • "Equilibristics is a blanket term for a number of circus skills which involve balancing or maintaining equilibrium. The term applies equally to acts in which the performer balances on a prop, and acts in which the performer balances or spins a prop. Many different tricks and stunts fit into this category. Some well-known examples of equilibristics include juggling, baton twirling, unicycle riding, stilt walking, tightrope walking, the manipulation of devil sticks, plate spinning, and some acrobatics. Couch juggling is a stunt in which one lies on one's back, balancing an upended sofa on the soles of one's feet. The couch is flipped end-for-end and caught at the other end, beginning a spin which is maintained by deft movements of the feet. This stunt can also be performed with a canoe, or any other large and unwieldy object. It can even be performed as a gymnastic stunt, using a human gymnast as the juggled object. Technically, balancing a cane on the tip of a finger is an equilibristic stunt, but generally equilibristics is more flashy."

    February 2, 2020