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  • noun Plural form of erection.


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  • He was recently getting uncontrollable long-term erections and had to change up his medical treatments.

    Firedoglake » About That Homeland Security Background Check…

  • The back panel spells out various possible dire consequencessuch as erections lasting longer than four hours, and sudden loss of vision or hearing.

    Mouse Print»Blog Archive » Levitra Pulls a Boner

  • Swellfoot's loss of appetite is his loss of power, so that just as his empowerment has been metonymized in swollenness, in the "erections" of his corpulent body, his impending disempowerment now finds form in hunger's antithesis, the complete evacuation of his appetite.


  • I have been writing of processes occurring in the reproductive organs, such as erections, seminal and other discharges, and masturbation; and of the means for the recognition of these processes.

    The Sexual Life of the Child

  • All their strange odors and goofy “fashion statements” were gone, much like my erections lying in bed with my wife.

    AFTER I BUILT A TIME MACHINE • by Trevor Foley

  • Baby-faced men with six packs and massive erections stood in formations like a pornographic cheerleading squad.


  • We'd smoke grass and drink wine to stop me getting painful erections and she introduced me to the joys of reading aloud.

    Potsdamer Strasse

  • Some accuse "the system" of chauvinistically serving the interests of men only, developing drugs to enhance their necessary and all-important erections while American women are left with no FDA-approved products to improve sexual function.

    Ricki Pollycove, M.D.: Testosterone And Sex: What Women Should Be Talking About

  • During clinical testing, however, men taking sildenafil experienced spontaneous erections.

    Pfizer Viagra Patent Upheld

  • They say going through puberty for a boy is a nightmare with their random erections in class and cracking voices and stuff.



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