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  • n. Plural form of imperfection.


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  • We must again repeat that these are human qualities drawn from the model of man himself; they only suppose a being of the human species, who should be divested of what we call imperfections: this is certainly the highest point of view in which our finite minds are capable of contemplating the Divinity: but as this being has neither species nor cause, consequently no fellow creatures, he must necessarily be of an order so different to man, that human faculties can in no wise be appropriately assigned to him.

    The System of Nature, Volume 2

  • The George Mason school of thought on market imperfections is that the best solutions to market imperfections are likely to emerge from the market, not from government.

    Schools of Thought, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • In my humble opinion, Mike Griffin, despite his imperfections, is the best America has and should be reappointed (assuming he even wants the job anymore after being ignored and cold shouldered by the new Administration).

    Today's NASA Administrator Gossip - Update - NASA Watch

  • Beginning in the 1920s, German scientists led the way in Europe with the establishment of numerous academic centers devoted to eugenics, a burgeoning field of study that, among other things, promoted euthanasia as a means of eliminating physical and mental imperfections from the gene pool.

    Death Becomes Him

  • They may, however, have rather more of a problem getting this Orwellian prospect through the House of Lords which, for all its imperfections, is still something of a repository of resistance.

    They Cannot Send All Of Us To The Gulag

  • Socially, in the fields of education, scientific research, the care for human welfare, the development of the arts, the recognition of the dignity of labour, we have established a record which, with all its imperfections, is something on which we can base a fair hope for the future.

    Canadian Immigration Policy

  • People are discriminated against and teased about the teeniest, tiniest "imperfections" - we hold ourselves up to impossible standards and criticize ourselves for things (cellulite, a big shnoz) that we'd never even notice on a friend, let alone make them feel like crap for it.

    Leslie Goldman: How Ugly People Succeed

  • Much more important are the "imperfections" -- obvious and not so obvious -- that will be introduced by overactive government.

    Notable & Quotable

  • It's also true that performers are under more scrutiny than ever before, at the mercy of both high-definition TV - which lays bare the tiniest "imperfections" - and tabloid culture.

    The Guardian World News

  • Should work, since radio waves have such long periods that the imperfections from the hay won’t make a difference.

    hay dish | My[confined]Space


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