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  • n. A type of Chinese fiddle having two strings.


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From Mandarin 二胡 (èrhú), from  ("two") +  ("fiddle; short for 胡琴, a family of Chinese vertical fiddles").


  • There was also an ancient-looking horn and an "erhu" -- a two-string instrument which produced the most heart-wrenching sounds, and the "yanqin", a string instrument so beautiful and powerful that I thought there were twenty different instruments playing at once!

    Mao's Last Dancer

  • The program includes classics such as "The Moon Reflected in Er-Quan River," a solo for the two-stringed fiddle called the erhu; a solo for the lute-like pipa from the opera "Butterfly Lovers," based on a famed Chinese fable; and the bamboo-flute song "New Song of the Herdsmen."

    Time Off

  • (Soundbite of music) The erhu is a traditional instrument.

    The Sonorous Strings of the Erhu

  • LANG LANG'S FATHER (through translator): This instrument, it's called an erhu, which is like a Chinese violin.

    CNN Transcript Jun 16, 2002

  • Chew quickly recognized Tyler's talent and recruited him to join her Purple Silk music program, where students learn to sing Chinese songs and play traditional instruments such as a two-string violin called an erhu, a four-stringed lute known as a pipa and a bamboo flute called a dizi.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • When I was 12, my dad bought me an erhu, which is a Chinese violin or fiddle with two strings. News

  • Chinese artists on their traditional instruments such as erhu, pipa, ruan, dizi and suona - Articles related to Red Bull Music Academy

  • Or journey further down the block to the single-chair barbershop, where barber Jun Yu will play a tune for you on his erhu a two-stringed Chinese violin or give you a trim.

    Mark Coggins: The City in Focus: Ross Alley

  • Colorful musical touches include an onstage erhu , the traditional Chinese bowed instrument, its gentle strains drowned out by the marching band, which also deliberately overpowers a choir of strings.

    Young and Committed to Their Causes

  • Three of the pieces that featured soloists - Zhao Cong on the pipa, Yu Hongmei on the erhu and Chen Huilong on the flute - offered a closer look at the almost human sounds these instruments can make in expert hands.

    China Anhui Traditional Orchestra offers variety, energy


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  • Also called "nanhu" and sometimes known in the west as a Chinese violin. A two-stringed bowed musical instrument, used as a solo instrument as well as in small ensembles and large orchestras.

    March 20, 2008