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  • n. A Japanese video or computer game that contains erotic content, usually in the form of anime-style artwork.
  • n. Plural form of eroge.


Japanese, ultimately from English erotic game. (Wiktionary)


  • You see it as a symptom of rape culture, I don't think that its existence is related to said culture but rather an independent phenomenom existent due to the growing sub-division of the various genres in eroge.

    RapeLay: The Response

  • Part of my appreciation for the hentai game Kana: Little Sister comes from the equal hands it deals both sex and death themes simultaneously, and sex and death are common bedfellows in many eroge titles.

    Big Trouble For Dangerous High School Girls

  • But it doesn't specifically fetishize that point, and I think that's important - like a typical eroge, the fetishy part comes from personality stereotypes like The Assertive One or The Maternal One; albeit beneath a face-value appearance of disability (which, as is often the case with real life, does not neccessarily mean "not able").

    This Is Why I Shouldn't Drink

  • And manga and anime based on eroge have received full localization as well.

    RapeLay: The Response

  • The impression I get based on how eroge commercially work suggests to me that it's a typical example of the genre with an inflammatory name.

    Was RapeLay 'Asking For It'?

  • Now it might be silly to compare a great work of fiction to a braindead Japanese eroge, but I think the question of intent remains.

    Was RapeLay 'Asking For It'?

  • I just finished playing Fate, an eroge that treats the sex in a rather mature and emotional fashion.

    Was RapeLay 'Asking For It'?

  • Nonetheless, Kana: Little Sister to this day remains one of the more sophisticated, complex and emotionally-affecting games I've ever played, and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that as an eroge title, it's allowed to "go there" in ways that mainstream, E-for-Everyone games certainly cannot.

    Was RapeLay 'Asking For It'?

  • The other day, I picked up Deadly Creatures (awesome, BTW), and saw an eroge visual novel.

    Was RapeLay 'Asking For It'?

  • Your deconstruction of stock eroge fetishes is super insightful and interesting.

    This Is Why I Shouldn't Drink


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  • Portmanteau of the words erotic and game.

    December 12, 2008